Third Reich

Coins of the Third Reich

The twelve years between 1933 and 1945 probably marked the darkest period of time in German history. After Hitler got to power in 1933 he brutally wiped out all opposing forces. In 1939 Nazi Germany attacked Poland and started the most fatal war in human history.

The coinage of the Third Reich its rise and fall. After 1939, no precious metals like gold and silver were used to mint coins. Because WW2 demanded not only financial but also natural resources even copper became an important material for armaments industries. That is why during the war coins were minted of zinc and aluminium. Below you can see a list of all coins that were minted during the Nazi regime in Germany. For more details on mintage, materials and more simply click on the respective image.

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1 Reichspfennig

2 Reichspfennig

5 Reichspfennig

10 Reichspfennig

50 Reichspfennig

1 Reichsmark

2 Reichsmark

5 Reichsmark